Sissio Team in action !

Under 23 guys are on fire, what are you waiting for your Blackbird ?
Grandis at NAHBS, a big success

Our NAHBS interview, with last Overmax Disc Supreme. Chek this out here:
Why choose Grandis?

If you desire a masterpiece, if you believe in craftmanship, Grandis is your perfect choice for 3 simply reasons. 1- the artisanal frame, exclusively handmade in our Verona factory; 2- maximum customization in shapes, colours, finishes, due to our dedicate oven painting; 3- the service, starting from the biomech fitting till aftersale support. A complete, original, unique hub. Direct contact between manufacturer and customer: the best business card for Verona Grandis Centre Tradition never ends, since 1930.
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