NEW Overmax Classico Light

The lightest lugs frame ever manufactured in our laboratory. Weight has never been the relevant topic inside "Classici" however we wanted to lighten the frame which, still today, gives the best responsivness in our handmade steel offer. Overmax tubes, therefore always oversized with oriented ellipses, but machined in the areas of min. applied load. Fits steel or monocoque carbon fork. Recommended for lighter cyclists, climbers and mountain lovers
Why choose Grandis?

If you desire a masterpiece, if you believe in craftmanship, Grandis is your perfect choice for 3 simply reasons. 1- the artisanal frame, exclusively handmade in our Verona factory; 2- maximum customization in shapes, colours, finishes, due to our dedicate oven painting; 3- the service, starting from the biomech fitting till aftersale support. A complete, original, unique hub. Direct contact between manufacturer and customer: the best business card for Verona Grandis Centre Tradition never ends, since 1930.
Steel is Real

Overmax Classic Steel, even today the most appreciated Grandis frame in northern Europe. The secret? Exclusively craftmade in every single part, particularly in the bracket node: the special shaping of monobox and monostays, made it with our exclusive lab- press, combined with the brazing of the lug gives to the structure some unique features* * tested and proved through the "Tour Test Laboratory", Germany
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