Why choose Grandis?

If you desire a masterpiece, if you believe in craftmanship, Grandis is your perfect choice for 3 simply reasons. 1- the artisanal frame, exclusively handmade in our Verona factory; 2- maximum customization in shapes, colours, finishes, due to our dedicate oven painting; 3- the service, starting from the biomech fitting till aftersale support. A complete, original, unique hub. Direct contact between manufacturer and customer: the best business card for Verona Grandis Centre Tradition never ends, since 1930.
Bespoke, simply different from the others

This is the production privee for the Ice climber champion Angelika Rainer! Designed, manufactured, painted by Grandis Lab.
Disc's time with a Diamond !

Diamond, for those who are looking for cutting edge technology
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